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immune system support self hypnosis script

We have the flu this week and I tried a new technique to appreciate what I usually recognize as a negative feeling simply for its neutral energy.  This yielded great success & inspired me to take a look at some other immune system support self hypnosis’s.   I came across this amazing one by Socrates Chouridis over at and had to share it.  Head on over there and see his whole library of wonder.  What a great way to focus attention on healing while one is laying around with the flu!


The immune system support script will help you overcome a sickness that pesters you. When the illness is a serious one, like flu virus, you can’t do much but to stay in bed. This situation is ideal for practicing a health support Self hypnosis script.

Before starting it is good to have knowledge about the illness that you suffer from. How you can catch it? How it affects your body? How it looks like (the virus and how it reproduces itself)? How your body reacts and fights the virus? These questions can easily be answered with a visit at Wikipedia. The more knowledge you have the better you can instruct your mind to fight the virus.

Let’s say that you suffer from flu. You can try the following self hypnosis script to help your body fight the sickness.

First of all you must be in a state of trance. If you don’t know how to do it, read the self hypnosis instruction.

Entering the Imagery World

When you are ready, start visualizing that you walk in a dark and straight corridor. Visibility is low so you don’t know where this path ends, you just follow it.

As you walk you take deep breaths and you relax more. You know that you are sick but you also know that you will become healthy again very soon.

As you walk you see written in the wall the number 10. After a while you see the number 9. You know that when reaching number 1 you will be at your destination. So you just continue to walk till reaching the number 1.

Finally, you find a door in front of you. Open the door and go inside.

The Starting Place

You are in a medical lab now. There are some tools and machines that you will use in a while. In the right you see two doors side by side. On the left there is a desk with a computer on it and in front of you there is an elevator door.   You go in front of the computer and see a window open that asks you to enter details about your sickness and how you feel. Now the machine are configured to kill the virus.

The machine that you can use in this self hypnosis script can be anything you like. It must have a way of healing you.

For example, the machine that you are going to use may looks like a dentist chair.

You go there and you sit. The chair back lowers and you are in a laying position now.

The Healing Machine

Now a touch screen comes in front of you where you have some options. You can scan your body for anomalies, you can set a holographic web in your body, that will alarm your immune system, and you can select to heal.

Of course you are going to try all of them. Press the scan option first.  A scanner machine starts scanning slowly your body from the top to the bottom. After the scan finishes you see in the screen the result which is the type of the illness you have and the way that it makes you feel.

After confirming that, you go to the next option. You press to create a holographic grid in your body that will alarm fast your immune system for any intruders. By finishing this action, an identical holographic grid of your body is being created over you. When it is finished, the grid is slowly going down towards your position. You feel it entering in your body and it is a pleasant feeling.

After the grid is set, you can confirm in the screen in front of you. You can also see in the screen how this grid has divided your whole body to tiny different areas that will report immediately anything unusual to your brain. With this system in place your brain will know immediately where to look after for any intruders and to send an army of white cells to intercept them. Fast response of the body can prevent many ill conditions.

With the holographic grid in place your immune system starts to react fast as it gets many alarms of an invading flu virus that is in a full advance. Your body has already started the attack on the virus cells. You feel this as your fever rises to accelerate the body functions.

Now it is time to press the heal button so to have some extra help. With the heal button pressed the machine injects in your body some special antibodies that can destroy the virus cells very fast.

The Victory

And now you don’t have to do anything else but to watch the battle between your body’s immune system and the virus. You stand up from the machine and you go to the left door you saw when you entered the room. You open it up and you see a huge movie theater. You have a seat there and you watch a live feed in a cellular level from the inside of your body .

Now if you have a little knowledge of the immune system, the virus and all these stuff, imagining the battle will not be something difficult. Otherwise you canimagine whatever you want as the virus and your immune system. It is the same thing.

Self hypnosis works with the meanings and not with accurate or inaccurate images. The imagery worlds that you create are taken as real from your mind. Shapes have no meaning in these worlds; you use them because you are familiar with them in your real life and you can imagine them easily.

Back to the story now, you watch an epic battle between your immune system and the virus cells. Your white cells with the antibodies from the machine attack merciless the virus numbers . You see the virus cell factories destroyed one by one. Victory is close.

It is important to imagine the battle with as many details as possible.

After a few minutes watching the slaughter of the flu cells by your immune system, you start feeling better. The fever is lowering and you start feel more energized. The symptoms of the illness are fading away. You feel excited that you can return now on your schedule.

Returning Back to your Schedule

You return back to the lab now. You open up the right door and you go outside. The weather is wonderful and it is ideal for jogging. So you start jogging and you note how your body reacts to the exercise. You don’t feel tired at all; it is like you had never been ill. You are so happy that you overcame the sickness so fast.

Now it is time to return back to reality. Go back to the lab and go to the elevator door that you saw when entered the room. Take a deep breath and step into it. Press the button “back” and start counting from 1 to 10. As you count your awareness returns back to your room. By the number 10 you feel completely refreshed and with a stronger immune system that will exterminate your sickness very soon.

Double the results of this script,  with the Neuro Programmer’s immune system support session. The brainwave frequency that is promoted from this brainwave entrainment session will greatly increase the body’s capability to fight the virus.

Enjoy the help you have given to your body as it returns to health!


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