Chronicles Von Quandt

The Story of The Adventures

The Making of a Poem

This is a valuable essay on how to create beautiful poetry.  It was originally posted on YouTube following much conversation and written as comments to this music piece.  The instruction … Continue reading

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15 Uses for Epsom Salts

I am trying to figure out how to store 50 pounds of epsom salts this afternoon and ran across this great information over at Food Storage Moms.  The salts really … Continue reading

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Live a Prosperous Life|Isochronic Affirmations

Reprogram your mind while folding the laundry!  I love to have Isochronic Affirmations going in the background while I’m doing menial tasks around the house, it makes me feel like … Continue reading

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Dad Refuses to Give Up New Born Down Syndrome Son

An inspiring story of unconditional love.  Share, share, share!  Let’s all join into help this man of character provide for his sweet son. Originally posted Feb 5, 2015, 5:14 PM … Continue reading

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Cheesy Vegan Quinoa Bake

Here’s what’s on the menu for tonight!  Yum! Thanks so much to Gena Hamshaw over at for this delightful recipe we have to look forward to. Cheesy Vegan Quinoa Bake Yield: 6 … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Cold Cereal

One of the big things we’re missing as we clean up our diets of processed foods is cold cereal.  I’m looking forward to serving up bowls of this to happy … Continue reading

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Out of the Darkness|Episode 7

A Series of Vignettes On the Soul’s Journey to Freedom   She enjoyed the feeling of the leather on the steering wheel as she cruised to a stop in front … Continue reading

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Thick & Fluffy Pancakes|Gluten Free

Thanks so much to Teresa over at Gluten Free Living for the base I used for this recipe.  I found that the rice flour is grainy at first so I plan to … Continue reading

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Skin Tightening During Weightloss

While weight drops off using The Gabriel Method cortisol levels are lowered so the skin will return to its natural shape but I am loving this technique to see my … Continue reading

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5 Minerals Your Kids can’t Do Without

This post is a great reminder when dealing with healing and allergies.  When you pull foods from the diet in order to allow healing (for children & adults) make sure … Continue reading

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